Through my paintings I delve into the depths of my inner world , expressing themes of independence, self-actualization, and authenticity. My art becomes a voice that speaks of the transformative power of embracing one's true self. I aim to ignite a spark within others, inspiring them to embark on their own unique journeys, trusting in their abilities and embracing their destiny. I believe that by radiating warmth and vitality, we can collectively create a more vibrant and meaningful world.
About The Artist
Art was always a means of Self expression for me . I was at the top of my field as a fineart student when I got married at the age of 19. In the process of bringing up my family I lost a piece of myself . But soon I realized that pursuing a career as an artist was my ultimate calling . I wished to instill in my daughters the courage to be their true selves and pursue their ambitions . Inspiring me to pursue my genuine vocation I enrolled in an intensive one year program at the Milan Art Institute in USA with world renowned artists Elli Milan ,Dimitra Milan and John milan. I attained my ideal profession as a professional artist through diligence and perseverance .
My art reflects my inner world and my desire to fulfill my destiny. I discovered how to bring the elegance of abstraction to life by experimenting with paint that drips and splatters, inks that takes their own course and various other materials like spray paint markers and pastels . I build my paintings with multiple layers of various mediums to uncover a world of aspiration for others to explore . Art has always been an important means of establishing meaningful connections . I hope to encourage people to take a plunge into the unchartered lands that god has in store for them . I hope to extract extraordinary from the mundane . Today I’m a professional artist living my dream since 5 years learning and growing all the time . I am represented by national and international galleries . I work from my home studio where I live with my husband and daughters and my dogs . I love to travel and gain fresh insight to life . I’ve been attending art retreats in Greece and also travelling internationally to exhibit my work . I recently participated in an American Artist reality show , The Outstanding Artist season 3 , which was an awesome learning experience and gave me a new outlook on possibilities of life . I also serve as an online mentor and coach for mastery program at the Milan art institute USA .